Surfing in Ballinskelligs

Ais Rois & Ben Finians Bay Surfing Aug 10 218
©Patrick Cotter

Kerry has some of the most magnificent surf in Ireland, from beginners beach breaks to the rocky reefs preferred by the top surfers.

You can Surf in Kerry all year, most people use wet suits with 5mil body and 3mil in the arms. Head gear would be required in the colder months December to April, and there can be some fierce storms in exposed coastal areas in January and February.

There are 3 beaches where surfing is popular in Ballinskelligs. St Finian’s Bay in The Glen has the smallest beach with the strongest rip tides, but often has the best waves. Not a place for the beginner, you need to be able to read the water well, but for the more experienced boarder it can be a thrill.

In Ballinskelligs Bay, Reenroe beach is the longest beach in the area, about 1.2km with a smooth sandy slope and very few rocks. It’s popular with many kinds of surfers, kite surfers in particular have plenty of room here to catch the wind and on the right day with good waves find some serious air. When there are surfing lessons available in the area, this is the beach where they are taught.

Ballinskelligs beach itself is also popular, again with a smooth gentle slope ideal for beginners but on a good day the waves can be challenging enough for the more experienced boarder.

© Patrick Cotter

© Patrick Cotter

© Patrick Cotter